"I am a career cameraman who brings creativity, enthusiasm, versatility, and a never ending passion to capture the best shot."


Aerial Gallery

Yes, drones are amazing and I have a highly experienced UAV operator that I work in tandem with, but there’s nothing like actually being in the air with the camera.

Helicopters are offer versatility that UAVs dream of, as well as access to areast that are restricted to UAVs. Perched in a Europcopter Squirrel B3 I can get you stunning, rock steady stabilised 4K aerials from multiple locations in the amount of time that it takes my UAV operator to drive to and film at one spot. For ultimate flexibility from the air, I film from a purpose built mount for the DJI Ronan M, remote control operated including tilt and zoom for silky smooth shots, or from a DJI Ronin-S handheld gimbal.


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Newcastle, Australia


+61 419 227 930

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